What is EDI: Understanding the Main Document Exchange Technology

What is EDI and how it works

A simplistic view of data traveling via EDI

EDI software

  • Translation software
  • Mapping software
  • Integration with communication software

Understanding file formats

As you can see, both translations are readable but not human-friendly

EDI mapping software

Example of a map in EDI translation software

Communication methods: VAN vs AS2 vs FTP/SFTP/FTPS

Value Added Network (VAN)

VAN is a middleman that manages connectivity with all partners on its side


For direct communication, you need to support all protocols you partners require


How to implement EDI step-by-step

1. Assemble an EDI team

2. Analyze your current procedures

3. Create needs and requirements for your EDI solution

4. Choose your communication model

5. Choose EDI software according to your needs

6. Start EDI mapping

7. Test your EDI system

8. Introduce EDI to your trading partners

(9. Consider additional connectivity methods)



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