UI Trends 2021: Top 10 Trends Your Users Will Absolutely Love

1. Real Life Mimicry: Skeuomorphism

2. Micro Animations Are the New Black: Advanced Level Microinteractions

Notice how even a small animated button immediately reels the user in and brings the UI to life (quite literally)

3. Glassmorphism and Frosted Glass Effect In UI

  • Increased use of bright colors to highlight the blurred transparency
  • A multi-layered, frosted glass approach with floating elements in the background
  • A subtle border on the translucent objects

4. All Hail Rounded Corners

Big Sur came with even more roundness and softness

5. Going Over To The Dark Side With ‘Dark Mode’

Here’s what the dark mode looks like in Outlook for mobile
Microsoft Design
  • Don’t go for a pitch-black color, instead go for a darker grey theme.
  • Stay away from saturated colors on a dark theme.
  • Factor in the emotional aspects of using a dark theme for your UI.
  • Do A/B tests to see whether the light or the dark version works best.

6. Voice User Interface (VUI)

  • Create a customer journey map that uses voices as a medium (think voice app) to interact with users and problem-solve.
  • Understand the exact use case for the app.
  • Think about the kind of voice commands your customers are most likely to use.
  • Gather feedback on how well your app is performing.

7. Anthropomorphic Animations

8. Advanced Personalization Is of Paramount Importance

9. 3D Interactions Reign Supreme

3D designs literally bring the page to life

10. The Tectonic Shift from Perfectionism to Uniqueness

This design may not be intuitive or even user-friendly, but it’s definitely artistically stunning
Fun and playful, this design reflects the visual style and character of its designer
Charlie Le Maignan

Wrapping Up



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