Trucking Software: Automating Dispatch, Routing, and Accounting

What is trucking software and what are its main features?

  • dispatching,
  • routing,
  • fuel management,
  • safety and maintenance management, and
  • accounting.
Main processes in trucking
ProTransport dashboard interface

Dispatch and tracking

Dispatch process and its main challenges

How software helps with dispatch and fleet tracking

Dispatching challenges and software benefits
Frotcom GPS tracking
  • Dispatchers can be informed when drivers are speeding or idling;
  • The product quality can be monitored through temperature and humidity tracking to prevent product spoilage;
  • All stakeholders (dispatchers, customers, brokers, shippers, receivers) can get load-related notifications such as the driver’s ETA, getting to the destination, getting loaded or unloaded, etc.;
  • Reminders can notify about scheduled compliance procedures or diagnostic issues, and so on.
  • Samsara was recognized as the “biggest mover,” ranking #25 in the Forbes Cloud 100 List. The company focuses on the Internet of Things and efficient collection and usage of available data.
  • GPS Insight can bring you understanding of the real-time status and location of your fleet. Their GPS Tracking allows you to monitor daily operations and optimize your asset usage.
  • KeepTruckin is primarily known for its top-rated ELD devices. Also, the KeepTruckin Driver mobile app is highly rated and popular with drivers.

Truck routing

Routing challenges

Routing software opportunities

TruckRouter sample route
  • MyRouteOnline is a web-based multi-stop route planner used in trucking and other industries.
  • SmartTruckRoute is a GPS navigation mobile app designed specifically for truck drivers. The developer team collects information from the Department of Transportation and drivers feedback to update the maps and routing daily.
  • OptimoRoute is another multi-industry route planning tool that supports trucking specifics.

Safety and maintenance

DVIRs dashboard with KeepTruckin

Fuel management

Technology assisting fuel management
  • Reduce engine idling,
  • Encourage safe driving and speed limits,
  • Optimize routing, and
  • Perform regular and preventive maintenance.
Geotab fuel management solution
Fuel report in Driver Connect app

Accounting and reports

Approaches to accounting software implementation
  • easier generating of all the necessary documents,
  • payroll automation,
  • tracking unpaid invoices,
  • creating various reports and visualizations,
  • monitoring financial results, and
  • tracking performance and other KPIs, etc.

Best trucker apps

  • Trucker Path is a most popular trucker app with a community of over 1 million drivers. It has plenty of valuable information such as truck stop locations, gas stations, truck washes, rest areas, Walmarts, and much more. It gets real-time updates on parking availability, weigh station working hours, and road situation. Besides, it includes a GPS navigation tool, a drivers forum, an equipment marketplace, and even a load board to find your next freight.
  • DAT Load Board App gives access to one of the biggest load boards with hundreds of thousands loads posted daily. The app also helps locate the nearest truck stop, fuel station, weigh station, etc. It’s free for DAT subscribers.
  • Trucker Tools is another popular trucking app that helps with finding a load and locating a place to stop for the night. It’s completely free and easy to use.
  • Truckers Trip Planning App calculates the hours of service needed to deliver the load, your ETA, and the load’s revenue. It takes the stress out of planning loads and helps make more accurate decisions.
  • iExit detects your location and shows what’s found along the way, i.e., gas stations (including fuel prices), restaurants, lodging, etc.
iExit interstate exit guide
  • Drivewyze is an app that lets drivers bypass the weigh stations, saving time and reducing hassle.
  • Fuelbook and GasBuddy can help find gas stations with best fuel prices.

When to consider custom software development

Modernization techniques

The key considerations with trucking software

  • Initial investment, which would be different for a cloud and licensed software;
  • Hardware costs, which involve not only purchasing computers for the office, but also sensors, cameras, and other devices to install in your trucks;
  • Implementation costs, which depend on the number of modules and customizations you want, and sometimes the number of trucks, users, etc.;
  • Development costs if you choose building your own product or adjusting an existing one;
  • Ongoing costs, such as monthly fees and/or transaction costs, product team and software support.



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