Software Architect Role, Skills, and Impact on Product Success

Who is a software architect

  • a high-level structure of a software system (architecture), its main components and their interfaces;
  • interactions of these components with each other and with external systems; and
  • a general architectural vision that guides the organization and serves as a basis for mutual understanding between all parties involved in product development.
How a software architect fits into the organization structure.

Software architect vs senior developer

Software architect vs tech lead

Software architect vs product manager

Software architect vs project manager

Software architect vs other architects

Software architect responsibilities and duties

Discovery stage: identifying core needs and offering a high-level solution design

  • gathering early non-functional requirements
  • evaluating functional requirements captured by a business analyst
  • selecting a technology stack and deployment methods
  • estimating development time
  • designing a high-level architectural solution
An example of a high-level architectural diagram for an Internet banking system. It shows the big picture of the solution and its relationships with external systems. Source: C4 Model

Elaboration stage: specifying the requirements and planning the architecture in more detail

  • addressing possible risks and constraints
  • delivering detailed architectural blueprints

Prototype stage: proving the solution viability

Construction stage: leading the team through the development process

  • further specificating of architecture considering changing requirements
  • mentoring tech leads and developers
  • writing code examples
  • setting quality standards and ensuring adherence to them
  • managing changes

Transition stage: participating in testing and deployment

  • supervising testing and deployment
  • managing releases

Software architect skills and competencies

Examples of software architect career development.

To hire or not to hire?



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