Remote Patient Monitoring Systems: Components, Types, Vendors, and Implementation Steps

What is remote patient monitoring?

A place of remote patient monitoring in the e-health domain.
  • reduce readmissions by 38 percent,
  • reduce emergency room visits by 25 percent,
  • improve patient satisfaction by 25 percent,
  • cut costs of care by 17 percent, and
  • improve medication compliance by 13 percent.

Key components of RPM systems

  • a personal medical device with a Bluetooth module,
  • a patient mobile app,
  • a cloud repository, and
  • hospital-side software.
How remote patient monitoring systems work.

Remote patient monitoring devices

  • electronic thermometers,
  • electrocardiographs (ECGs),
  • electroencephalographs (EEGs)
  • cardiac monitors,
  • apnea monitors,
  • spirometers,
  • oximeters,
  • audiometers,
  • blood pressure monitors,
  • breathing frequency monitors, and
  • electronic stethoscopes.

Patient-side mobile application

  • BLE support to exchange data with devices,
  • compliance with IEC 62304 safety standard that specifies requirements for the development of medical software and software within medical devices,
  • HIPAA compliance to keep protected health information (PHI) secure,
  • safeguard against connectivity issues — like caching mechanisms, and
  • integration with a care provider’s system via a secure API built on the FHIR industry standard to ensure interoperability between different medical software products.

Cloud repository

Hospital-side web application

Remote patient monitoring use cases

Mayo Clinic: post-hospitalization recovery for coronavirus patients

Children’s Health: tracking medication adherence and vital signs of organ transplant recipients

A foot temperature monitoring mat sends data to the cloud where it can be used for decision-making. Source: Wounds

UCLA Health: post-operative cardiac monitoring

Remote patient monitoring companies: how to choose the best vendor

Companies offering different types of RPM systems.

Senior home monitoring systems

Cardiac monitoring systems

A Bioflux device analyzes ECG data. Source: The OTC Reporter

Chronic and post-acute care management systems

Biofourmis offers a combo of an armband sensor, patient mobile app, and AI-based platform for clinicians.

Guideline to painless RPM implementation



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