Rail Booking APIs: How to Sell Train Tickets from GDSs, Tech Providers, and Global Railway Carriers

Younger and lower income travelers use trains the most
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  1. Some direct suppliers provide their own APIs
  2. There are different types of middlemen that offer standardized rail APIs
  3. Among those middlemen are GDSs
  1. Finding connections
  2. Displaying a schedule
  3. Ticketing and reservation

Rail APIs from GDSs: access to all main rail carriers

The inventory pool of all main GDSs

Amadeus APIs — time-tested and record-proven

  • Ticketing
  • Data on ticket trips
  • Rules for cancellation
  • Post-sales of the rail segments
  • Accommodations and supplements calculated together for all passengers in a PNR.
  • Data on a multi-destination schedule quote
  • Rules retrieving
  • Information on accommodation for each part of the trip with preferences included
  • Can create the booking reference both in the Amadeus system and on external parties

Sabre API — a mature solution with basic access

Video on How GDSs work
  • Rail schedules and availability
  • Train and connection search
  • Ticketing and travel documents generation
  • Railcards purchasing
  • Tour managing
  • Cancellation
  • Codes for stations
  • Reservations search by passenger/travel data
  • Reports
  • Seat maps

Travelport API — wired for air-rail booking

Middlemen Rail API Providers: complex technical solutions

Major rail carriers provided via middlemen

Trainline B2B API

Video on How Trainline Works
  • Combining carriers and ticket types
  • Default retailing logic for integrated solutions
  • Accessing reference data and unified fare Ts&Cs
  • Multilanguage & currency support
  • Integrating with Agent Tool
  • Complex after-sales and back-office activities
  • Splitting the connection to B2C tools

Omio Affiliate

  • Search and booking engine
  • APIs search
  • Fares comparing
  • Well-built train matching
  • Multi-language support
  • Search widget toll
  • Banners and assets integration
Main options inside the Omio Affiliate Program

Travel Fusion Rail API

  • Ticketing and fulfillment options
  • Reservation opportunities
  • Fare alternatives
  • Service choices
  • Post-booking activities

Trawex Platform

  • Extensive search
  • Seat maps
  • Availability for the whole week
  • Payment gateway
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Group booking.

Direct connection to major railway carriers: cheap and tech-demanding

North-American Railway Carriers

  • Preliminary reservation
  • Reservation management instruments
  • Trip planning tools
  • Payment processing
  • Amtrak eTicketing option
  • Sales reporting tools
  • Train routes availability
  • Group tour reservations
  • Stops and activities in all destinations tours
  • Sightseeing packages

European Railway Carriers

SNCF API options
  • Route and stops schedules
  • Journey tracking from and to “station” or “administrative region”
  • Next departures or arrivals
  • Autocomplete feature.
  • Pricing lists
  • Current departure time
  • Damaged roads and engineering work
  • Station lists, including those of Netherlands with Geodata
  • Travel recommendations
  • Schedule and schedule changes
  • Real-time arrival and departure predictions
  • Platform numbers
  • Delay estimates
  • Train cancellations
  • Real-time and static data on station facilities
  • Service disruption
  • Construction work
  • Planning routes
  • Calculating expenses
  • Establishing ticket availability via National Rail Enquiries digital channels.

Asian Railway Carriers

  • Seat availability
  • Regular PNR check
  • Live train status
  • Live station
  • Station search
  • Canceled and rescheduled trains

Australian Railway Carriers

  • Static timetables
  • Stations locations
  • Real-time alerts
  • Trips
  • Stops
  • Routes
  • Trips for each route
  • The stop times

Final thoughts on APIs in travel



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