Product Managers vs. Project Managers: Difference, Responsibilities, and KPIs

Comparing the role of project manager & product manager

Comparing project manager and product manager

Responsibilities — Product manager vs Project manager

How different sides of product development communicate

Project Manager’s responsibilities — Estimate and Track

Product Manager’s responsibilities — Vision, Strategy, Market Research

Shared responsibilities of product managers and product marketing managers

KPIs — Evaluating Project Manager vs Product Manager

Project Manager’s KPI — Tracking improvement over time

Product Manager’s KPIs — Measuring product success

Skillset — Project manager vs Product manager

Shared skills

Project manager’s skills — Lead and estimate

Product manager’s skills — Research and analyze

Final thoughts

  1. Define deliverables for each stage of the development process
  2. Clarify deliverables for each role
  3. Ensure a well-structured project-planning
  4. Create a daily priority list for both roles
  5. Proceed through the Structure-Plan-Check-Follow Up strategy



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