Patient Engagement Solutions: Software for Patient Education, Decision Making, and Communication

Why you need patient engagement software

  • education — explaining their condition and course of the treatment to patients,
  • decision making — involving patients in selecting their treatment,
  • support outside the office — providing tools to help patients adhere to a treatment plan.

Implement a patient education platform


An example of how an instructional video can teach patients about their condition
Automatic analytics also engage staff, giving them more information without additional workload


This depression medication comparison gives an idea of how the drug will fit into a patient’s everyday life, not their effectiveness in the treatment
Mayo Clinic

Components and types

Such decision aids help patients not only consider the facts but also their thoughts about medications and procedures
Source: Healthwise

Adopt secure messaging, scheduling, and outreach


Scheduling reminders eliminate no-shows and are more effective than emails or phone calls
Examples of messengers a patient or family can receive during prior and during the procedure


How to adopt patient engagement strategies and solutions

Step 1. Start calculating the engagement level of your patients

  • CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Processes and Services) that surveys patient satisfaction and experience,
  • PAM (Patient Activation Measure) that calculates the engagement level of each patient,
  • PROM (Patient-reported Outcomes Measure) that studies the positive or negative effect of provided care.

Step 2. Assess your technology options

Step 3. Select or employ a development team

Patient engagement adoption obstacles



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