Online Travel Agency Analytics: Data-Driven Approach to the Best-Cost Strategy

Acquisition analytics

Acquisition channels

  • organic traffic from search engines
  • travel aggregators and metasearch engines
  • web adverts (Google AdWords), and
  • other social media platforms, direct traffic.
Graphics showing traffic by channel for the largest online travel websites, Source: Mauricio Prieto


Using Look-to-Book stats in Google Analytics
Revenue Hub
  • quality ratings,
  • search data including the number of bidders for each search, and
  • traffic stats compared and sorted by device, carrier, market, etc.
A traffic report with the conversion rate from TripAdvisor metasearch for Agoda, Priceline, and Travelocity OTAs, Source: Hitwise

Demand analytics

Revenue analytics

Operating metrics

Commission rules performance

Competitor pricing analytics

Partner analytics provided by Skyscanner

Supplier analytics

Costs and profit analytics

Usability and product analytics

Data in OTAs’ hands



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