Online Restaurant Reservation Landscape: Location Discovery, Table Booking, Delivery and Reviews

How dining experience systems are connected

Communication of restaurant-related platforms via their APIs

Global restaurant reservation providers


Top 10 Restaurant Reservations software in the US market space with OpenTable taking 3,680 domains, Source: Datanyze
Table management dashboard on OpenTable
OpenTable owner app interface

Yelp Reservations

Yelp’s table and waitlist management solutions
  • Data Ingestion API for matching the businesses with those on Yelp
  • Transaction Iframe for exposing transaction services
  • Yelp Checkout API for integrating ordering, scheduling, payment, fulfillment, and customer support processes into the transaction flow.
  • Yelp Reserve Now button to link customers directly to your Yelp Reservations page.
  • Yelp Reservations calendar widget to allow searching for reservations from your website.


Adding on to restaurant reservation systems

Location discovery and restaurant rating APIs

Google Places API

  • searches restaurants in over 100 different categories
  • provides detailed info along with reviews and photos from the Google Places database
  • returns suggested queries.
Type filtration in the Places API, Source: ImranNaqvi

Foursquare API

  • enabling location search and sharing
  • providing details about a restaurant
  • giving access to a number of place attributes
  • adding photos, tips, and reviews posted on Foursquare by customers.
An example of a customer profile using Pilgrim SDK integrated with a mobile marketing automation system

Yelp Fusion API

  • search by keyword, location, category, open hours, price level, phone number
  • delivery transaction support with autocomplete suggestions
  • detailed restaurant content — photos, price levels, hours of operation, and Yelp rating. It sorts reviews by recency, votes, users you follow, and other review quality factors.
Trulia map with restaurants info using the Yelp API

TripAdvisor Content API

  • overall bubble rating — a summary of your ratings and reviews using the 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent) rating scale
  • subratings — measured against a number of subcategories: food, service, value, and atmosphere.
  • popularity ranking — a popularity index ranking on TripAdvisor, which compares restaurants within the same destination based on their popularity. It’s measured by the quality, quantity, and recency of their review content on TripAdvisor.
  • the number of reviews the rating is based on
  • awards: Travelers’ Choice and Certificate of Excellence
  • the number of traveler photos for this restaurant published on TripAdvisor
  • a localized relative price level
  • restaurant cuisine type.


  • search for a restaurant by name, location, cuisine type
  • provide information on restaurant coordinates, reviews, discounts, photos, menus, and more
  • do online ordering
  • arrange restaurants in listings that cover various themes and occasions.
Zomato widgets

Ordering and Delivery APIs


  • sync status showing whether or not the order was successfully sent to the restaurant’s POS (succeeded or failed);
  • prep stage describes how order preparation is going: in kitchen, ready for collection, or collected;
  • order details can report all orders on a certain date / at a certain time.


  • restaurant search by the given criteria: proximity, availability of delivery or pickup, including the pickup radius
  • restaurant filtering by name, cuisine, items or item descriptions
  • menu listing
  • validates the input, charges the user’s payment card, and transmits the order to the restaurant
  • assigns the delivery method: pickup or delivery
  • takes tips for the delivery driver
  • passes on instructions or comments for preparation or delivery
  • provides order status: processing, awaiting preparation, preparing, preparing and delivering, out for delivery, ready for pickup, or delivered.

Just Eat

The typical workflow for managing delivery on Just Eat
  • order status
  • delivery pools (groups of drivers delivering for specific restaurants)
  • payment information
  • basket information
  • due date
  • driver location
  • restaurants’ open hours

APIs for menu standardization and sharing


Overview of the OpenMenu platform
  • restaurants in a specific location
  • deals, coupons, or daily specials for a restaurant
  • ingredients and nutrients.

Locu API

  • location, contacts
  • verification level: the date the info was last modified/updated/added
  • extended info: a collection of facts about a restaurant like delivery hours and requirements, a brief history, wheelchair accessibility, payment methods, smoking permitted or not, etc.
The Locu widget inserted into TimeOut Chicago’s site and styled to match their existing branding, Source: Locu

Which API to connect to?



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