Medical Billing Software: Key Capabilities, Top Vendors, and Selection Tips

Medical billing and healthcare revenue cycle management

The medical billing system is a vital part of the revenue cycle.
Medical billing workflow.

Key modules of medical billing software programs

The checklist of key medical billing app modules.
Appointment scheduler dashboard. Source: AdvancedMD
Claims denial analysis dashboard. Source: DrChrono
Medical billing software tab with reports. Source: Kareo

Questions to ask before picking medical billing software

Questions to ask at the pre-decision phase.

Is it HIPAA-compliant?

Is the learning curve steep or low?

Is it compatible with your EHR system?

What is the size of practice it is designed for?

What level of support does a vendor provide?

How much does it cost?

Reviewing top medical billing solutions

Comparison of the top medical billing software vendors.

Kareo: medical billing software built for the unique needs of practices

Kareo website home page.

WebPT: user-oriented EMR system with advanced billing features

WebPT board with billing records and CPT codes.

CareCloud: convenient EHR and medical billing solution

CareCloud medical billing program dashboard.

PracticeSuite: cost-effective PM and medical billing software

PracticeSuite operational dashboard.

DrChrono: EHR software with robust billing features

DrChrono can be used across various devices.

Benefits billing software brings and challenges it solves

Benefits brought by the automation of medical billing.
Challenges solved with medical billing software.

Value-based payment model implementation

Payment denials and delays

Patient payment collection

When to consider a custom solution?



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