Last Mile Delivery: How Technologies Solve the Big Problem of the Shortest Transportation Leg

What is last mile delivery?

Last mile logistics software: must-have features

Main components and features of a typical last mile delivery system.

Fast growing platforms to run last mile operations

Last mile delivery startups boosted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Onfleet: powering food and beverage deliveries

The Onfleet data dashboard with the export feature to upload analytics data in the CSV format.

Bringg: improving delivery for the largest retailers and restaurant chains

Integration options offered by Bringg.

Fixlastmile: transporting everything — from laundry to bottled water

M-TRIBES: launching new urban logistics businesses

Last mile delivery outsourcing

Parcel carriers: from UPS and FedEx home delivery to local same-day shipments

Logistyx boasts a global network of last mile delivery carriers.

Dropshipping: AliExpress and SaleHoo take care of final mile

3PL delivery partners: integrating retail software with logistics systems

Crowdsourced delivery: Amazon Flex, Uber Eats, and others create jobs for couriers and drivers

Amazon Flex invites drivers to make money on last mile deliveries. Source: Money

Technologies that will change last mile logistics — once and forever

Delivery robots

Starship’s delivery robot traveling along the sidewalk of Washington. Source: npr

Delivery drones

UberExpress, Uber’s drone delivery initiative, was expected to drop food into the consumer hands by 2021. But something went wrong. Source: The Hustle

Smart parcel locker networks



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