Key Approaches To Mobile Development Explained

Native App Development

You might consider native app development if:

  • You are ready to invest more for a superior UI and performance.
  • Your app requires access to hardware-related features such as gestures, geolocations or Touch ID.
  • You’re developing a graphics-heavy app/game with the topmost performance or speed requirements.

Hybrid App Development

  • low performance,
  • slower interactions,
  • generic UX,
  • limited access to device’s hardware and OS-specific features.

Cross-Platform Development

  • Skill reuse — if you have JavaScript, XML, and CSS knowledge, as well as some understanding of how iOS and Android development works, you’re good to go.
  • Open-source development ecosystem — the NativeScript team accepts feedback and feature requests and greatly welcomes contributions.
  • Quick support for the new versions of the platforms — the team makes sure to deliver support as soon as the new iOS and Android versions become available.

So under what circumstances should you consider cross-platform or hybrid app development?

  • Your team lacks experience in native development.
  • You’re short on time.
  • You’re building an app for a temporary campaign.
  • Midsize businesses
  • Low-budget applications with simple UI but heavy logic

Choosing your approach



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