HTNG: What Hospitality Technology Next Generation Is and How It Works

  • hospitality businesses,
  • technology vendors, and
  • consulting companies that concentrate on hospitality.

What is HTNG: mission and functions

  • define hospitality industry problems, their essence, and scale;
  • discuss possible solutions by analyzing existing approaches and technologies;
  • exchange experience or receive domain expertise consulting;
  • develop specifications and standards; and
  • foster the adoption of new technologies.

HTNG organization and membership

Membership opportunities

  • Hospitality membership is a standard membership for hospitality representatives with unlimited participation in workgroups and HTNG events.
  • Hospitality benefactor is an upgraded version that gives unlimited registration passes to exclusive events, Travel & Hospitality ISAC membership, and overall visibility.
  • Vendor membership is dedicated to technology vendors.
  • Vendor Platinum is an upgraded option for vendors seeking enhanced company visibility with participation in exclusive programs and events.
  • Consultant membership suits companies that offer consulting services, without representing or selling technology solutions.
  • Faculty membership enables faculty members at accredited universities to participate.
  • Student membership covers students at universities enrolled in programs in hospitality and hospitality technology.
  • Association membership is for those not related to the hospitality industry who want to take part in specification development and discussion of industry issues.
  • Allied membership is for journalists writing about activities related to HTNG.

HTNG workgroups

The list of active HTNG workgroups valid as of June 2020

Specification development and publication process

Expanded specification unit, that contains separate documents for different topics Source:
An example of message elements from one of the specs Source: HTNG device message structure specification

Review process for specifications and whitepapers

The impact of HTNG activity on the industry



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