How to Choose and Integrate Travel and Expense Management Software

  • Budgeting
  • Expense control
  • Booking
  • Preventing disruptions
  • Productivity control related to submitting, approving, and reimbursing expenses
  • Financial reporting
  • Negotiating with third-party vendors
  • Duty-of-care support and assistance

Stages of Travel Management Adoption

Stage 1: Excel- or paper-based reporting

  • Your employees travel very rarely
  • Your small team doesn’t have a travel manager
  • You don’t have enough budget to spare yet

Stage 2: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications

  • Your accounting staff effectively manages your infrequent business trips
  • Only a small portion of your employees regularly travel and they’re confident with current policy and expense tracking
  • As a transitional stage for cloud T&E solutions

Stage 3: Mobile-first/Cloud solutions

Xpenditure mobile app
  • A big portion of your employees travel regularly and often
  • You have travel agents assigned to monitor, approve, and reimburse travel expenses
  • Your travel policies are clear and available to all employees
  • Your employees are comfortable with and receptive to using technology for expense tracking

Stage 4: Platform ecosystem

TravelPerk is a tool for travelers and agents alike
  • You have a lot of employees traveling regularly
  • You practice self-service principles among your employees
  • You’re already using third-party sales, IT, and accounting systems that can be integrated with the new technology
  • You’re looking to automate your T&E activities and find opportunities for savings
  • You have or plan to obtain special rates for flights and hotels from chosen suppliers

Stage 5: Predictive processes using advanced analytics

  • You have a lot of data that requires interpretation and analysis
  • Your travel agents can’t keep up with claim processing and approving
  • You need a tool to notice and react to employee fraud or policy violation

Custom systems for your specific goals, required technology, and integration needs

  • There aren’t enough analytics-driven services for you to choose from
  • Popular solutions don’t offer integration with some of your systems and APIs, especially if they’re custom-made
  • You need an all-in-one solution but don’t want to be saddled with a travel management company
  • You don’t trust a provider’s data security policies

How to choose and integrate a travel expense management solution

1. Define the problem(s) you want to solve

2. Consider your technology needs

  • How many employees do you have and how many of them regularly travel?
  • What other services would you like to integrate with a TEM solution?
A line-up of possible integrations for a T&E software provider Captio
  • Who will be managing your TEM efforts and do they need training?
  • How tech-savvy are your employees? How receptive are they to revolutionary changes?
  • Do you want to allow employees to book on their own? Are they willing to have more freedom during corporate trips?

3. Consider your budget opportunities

4. Gather employee feedback

5. Assess your current cloud infrastructure

6. Assess a provider’s security profile

ChromeRiver has a page dedicated to data security standards compliance

7. Prepare for legacy data storing

8. Prepare for remote technical implementation

In Conclusion



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