Hotel Technical Specifications: Distribution, Payment, Smart Device, and Back Office Standards by HTNG and OpenTravel

The state of hospitality standards today

  • To be able to use innovative technologies and create personalized content
  • To stay connected to the global hospitality infrastructure and maintain a strong brand
  • To seamlessly distribute products through all channels, use complex revenue management practices, and deliver the experience that matches guests needs
  • To make deploying new technologies easier
  • To use the best-in-industry security and compliance practices
  • To be able to measure the performance of specific channels, solutions, and properties
Expand strategy pillars to see the exact workgroups operating within them

API building toolset and specifications

“Millions of messages are exchanged every day using the OpenTravel schema…”
OpenTravel developers network
Here’s how OTM development environment looks

Hotel front- and back-office management standards

HTNG documentation contains terminology, message specs, descriptions of business processes, and use cases. This is a diagram of requests and responses for Food and Beverage Ordering

Smart device connectivity management

Payment processing

Finance management

Hotel distribution

The future of hospitality standards

Payment processing automation

How a Payment Manager is supposed to work
Source: HTNG

Personalized distribution and hotel shopping

Filter-based vs Attribute Model

Hospitality badly needs more standards



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