Hotel Front Desk Software: Functionality, Benefits, and Implementation Scenarios

How front desk software can benefit the hotel business

Front desk functionality to facilitate interactions with guests

Front desk software functionality divided into five phases of interaction with a guest.

Pre-stay operations

A Front Desk’s calendar, Source: eZee

Check-in operations

Mobile check-in with Hotelhero

During the stay operations

Check-out operations

Post-stay operations

Front Desk integrations: internal and external modules

Watch our informative video to learn about PMS modules
Integrations of a front desk software as a module of a property management system

Front Desk automation scenarios

Scenario 1: You have back-office or reservation software but no front desk module

Scenario 2: You want to start gradually automating your hotel operations

Scenario 3: You are under tight time constraints and need a complete PMS all at once

Scenario 4: You already have front desk software, but it needs modernizing

Tips on implementing a Front Desk module into the staff workflow



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