Electronic Health Record Systems: Features, EHR Vendors, and Adoption Advice

What is an Electronic Health Record

Problem-Oriented Medical Information System in use, Source: Automation of the Problem-Oriented Medical Record, 1977

EHR Workflow

How EHR helps manage the practice

Interoperability among different EHR systems

Health information exchange among the providers through an HIE, on the example of the West Virginia Health Information Network (WVHIN)


EHR features and modules — how are they important?

Front office management

Patient’s data available for physician, Source: NextGen

Physician support

Patient’s data available for physician, Source: NextGen
  • filling out templates
  • dictating straight into the software (voice recognition)
  • writing (handwriting recognition).
A physician can record a note for the front-office to save time, Source: NextGen
Dashboard for physicians to generate notes, Source: NextGen

Patient portal

NextGen’s financial analytics

Billing module

Reviewing top EHR vendors

Source: Datavant
Ambulatory and hospital EHR market share, Source: KPMG
Epic’s dedicated modules

EpicCare: acute and ambulatory EMR for physician productivity and effectiveness

Epic’s dedicated modules
How patients can use MyChart patient portal

Cerner Ambulatory: the largest provider of systems for inpatient care

The interoperability of Cerner’s EHR platform
Allscripts Professional EHR Mobile interface

Allscripts EHRs: solutions for all sizes

Allscripts Professional EHR Mobile interface

NextGen Healthcare: tailored to the needs of small to medium ambulatory clinics

athenaClinicals: geared towards large, multi-physician groups, and hospitals

AdvancedMD EHR: for advanced medical note-taking

Buy vs Build: How to approach Electronic Health Record adoption

  • size of clinical practice
  • types of services provided
  • future growth plans, and
  • interoperability with other information records both internal and external.

When to buy an EHR solution

When to build an EHR solution



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