EHR Implementation Checklist: How to Successfully Adopt an Electronic Health Record System

  1. First, you need to assess where staff stands in terms of technical skills and mindset.
  2. Then, you move on to mapping out your current workflow.
  3. During planning, you put your ideas down on a roadmap.
  4. The fourth step is to select the appropriate EHR solution.
  5. Once it’s done, you get down to setting up the system and adjusting it to your processes.
  6. Next goes the implementation itself.
  7. Then, it’s time to educate the staff about the EHR system.
  8. Finally, you can estimate the initial results, act on this data, and make necessary improvements.
Eight steps of the EHR Implementation Lifecycle

Step 1: Measure your EHR readiness

  1. culture
  2. leadership and management
  3. operations
  4. workflow and process improvement
  5. technology
Snippet of the Organizational Readiness Assessment

Step 2: Workflow analysis

  1. Document your current workflow by mapping out how patients move through your medical practice.
  2. Plan your future workflow with an EHR implemented
Office visit workflow mapped out, Source: National Learning Consortium (doc.)

Step 3: Create an EHR implementation roadmap

Step 4: Choose the right EHR product

Self-Hosting vs. SaaS, Source: Health IT
  • security
  • charting capabilities
  • prescriptions and lab results handling
  • clinical decision support
  • disease and population management
  • health records management
  • clinical tasks management
  • communication within the practice
  • patient access to their health data
  • entailed finances
  • public health reports submission.

Step 5: Tailor EHR to your business processes

Step 6: Prepare for the launch

Step 7: Develop a training program

Step 8: Evaluate the quality of EHR implementation and make improvements

  • return on investment (ROI) metrics to assess the profitability of the implementation.
  • actual numbers of transactions, if wide-scale usage is your priority, and
  • turnaround time of orders statistics at various points after the system is fully operational.

Common barriers to EHR adoption



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