Drug Interaction Checker APIs to Minimize Prescription Errors

The video explains API connections and principles using metaphors from everyday life.

What is drug interaction?

  • drug-drug interactions (DDIs, for short),
  • food-drug interactions,
  • drug-herb / drug-supplement interactions,
  • drug-disease interactions,
  • drug-allergy interactions, and
  • drug-gene interactions.
Drug interactions can affect the course of treatment.
  • dairy products decreasing the effect of antibiotics;
  • grapefruit juice interfering with some drugs that treat high blood pressure;
  • green, leafy vegetables, high in vitamin K, reducing the efficacy of anticoagulants; and
  • alcohol causing dangerous reactions when mixed with certain medications.

Drug interaction module as a part of healthcare IT ecosystem

  • a description of the interaction mechanism,
  • a level of severity, and
  • actions to be taken in response to the alert.
Drug interaction checking via API.
  • pharmacy management systems,
  • solutions used by insurance companies,
  • clinical trial software, and
  • medication management apps used by patients.

APIs to check drug interactions: comparison of features and capabilities

Drug interaction API comparison.

NLM interaction API: free DDI checking for all EHRs

IBM Micromedex content API: drug dosing and drug-drug interaction listings

DrugBank DDI checker API: drug interaction descriptions and management tips

A DDI entry on the interaction between Acetaminophen and Warfarin.

Truepill Patient Safety API: drug-drug, drug-disease and drug-allergy interaction checkers

  • drug-drug interaction,
  • drug-disease interaction, and
  • drug-allergy interaction.

IMgateway interaction database API: drug-food and drug-herb checker for professional use

PEPID drug content APIs: checking drugs against herbs, supplements, foods, and allergies

  • adult and pediatric dosing
  • adverse reactions,
  • pregnancy and lactation precautions,
  • contraindications, and
  • other data to minimize medical errors.

Cortellis drug-drug interactions API: facilitating clinical trials

Adopting a drug interaction checker: integration checklist



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