DevOps Tools: Automation, Monitoring, CI/CD, and More

What is DevOps: processes and practices

DevOps in a nutshell
  • Culture of collaboration and shared responsibilities between the team members,
  • Automation of the manual processes,
  • Monitoring and feedback gathering, and
  • Sharing of responsibilities and information.
DevOps development cycle explained. Source:

DevOps collaboration and planning



Bitbucket Server

Server configuration and infrastructure as code management



Ansible Red Hat


AWS Cloudformation

Continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment


Jenkins plugins covering the whole CIDC automation cycle. Source:
Jenkins CI/CD flow with GIT, , and Ansible plugins
  1. Developer commits the code to the source code repository (GIT). Jenkins checks the changes made.
  2. Jenkins recognizes the commits and pulls them to create a new build on its server.
  3. If the build fails, a developer receives notification.
  4. If the build is successful, Jenkins deploys it on a test server.
  5. Selenium testing tool is running automated tests. When the tests are finished, Jenkins sends test results to developers.
  6. The successful build is deployed to the production server via Ansible.
  7. Jenkins continues to check the source code repository for new changes.


GitLab CI

Travis CI

Bamboo CI


Containerization and orchestration




Monitoring and alerting


Grafana dashboard and metrics samples. Source:

Sensu GO


Security and DevSecOps



How to make the right tool choice?

  • Assess tech stacks to evaluate the efficiency and convenience of the existing system.
  • Proactively investigate new tools for the pipeline or look at the market from time to time to find the tools that can fit better than the existing ones.
  • Schedule time for tool experiments.
  • Conduct presentations to initiate discussion of the tools used and opportunities to migrate onto another product.



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