Detect to Correct: 9 Bug Tracking Tools for Smooth Workflow

What is Bug Tracking?

Where to Start?

  • External reporting. After you have created the application, you can find out from the user focus group what exactly is working incorrectly and where to start repairing.
  • Internal reporting. Before you release a complete application or a piece of software, you have to run internal testing. During this process, QAs and developers will examine each piece of code and find existing bugs and inaccuracies.

How Should a Bug Report Be Written?

  • What makes a bug. Here you can use the screenshot and workflow. When the recording is made, try to make date markers so that you don’t correct something that someone on your team has already fixed.
  • Set priorities. If a particular bug may lead to something severe like a fire in the office or destruction of all the data, you should deal with it first. Here comes the prioritization of bugs.


  • Lists of bugs (several types of formats);
  • Reporting;
  • Advanced search engine;
  • Detection and duplication of bugs in automatic mode;
  • Email bug reporting;
  • Reliable security;
  • Advanced Query Tool;
  • Convenient database structure.


  • History logging;
  • Link building;
  • Advanced reporting system;
  • Integration with wiki, files, and bugs;
  • and many more functions!


  • Multi-language support;
  • Document and file management;
  • A convenient bug detection system;
  • Categorization of problems and bugs;
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Calendar and charts for the convenient representation of the status of the project.


  • Processing records;
  • Mobile integration;
  • Flawless workflow;
  • Suitability for multiple projects (including Agile ones)


  • Reasonable price;
  • Charts creation;
  • Advanced search with filters;
  • RSS and Roadmaps;
  • Source code integration;
  • Mobile support;
  • Time tracker;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Usable chat.


  • Compilation of bug reports;
  • Ability to work individually or as a team;
  • Third-party integration;
  • Request scheduling.

Micro Focus ALM

  • Agile projects support;
  • One of the lowest prices on the market;
  • Supported by most browsers.

IBM Rational ClearQuest

  • Custom end-to-end bug tracking system;
  • Convenient management;
  • Ability to work with various databases.


  • Easy to use;
  • Has everything needed to find bugs;
  • Possesses the ability to create wikis.

Wrapping Up



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