Data Migration Software: Which Solution Fits Your Project Best

Types of data migration tools

Three types of data migration tools.

Self-scripted tools

On-premise tools

Cloud-based tools

How to choose the right data migration solution


  • planning including job scheduling and workflow orchestration,
  • pre-migration data profiling,
  • migration execution — or Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes,
  • testing, and
  • post-migration audit (validation).
Phases of the data migration process.

Data sources and destinations

Performance and scalability

Ease of use

Customer support

  • by email,
  • via a forum, or
  • via a live chat.



Best data migration software overview

  • data replication — or continuous duplication or making copies of data to store the content in different locations;
  • data integration — or gathering data from different sources to provide users with a single view of information.
Data migration software comparison.

Astera Centerprise: focus on migrating complex and legacy data

Astera Centerprise use cases, components, and supported data sources/destinations.

Talend: a fast shift from anywhere to AWS and other cloud locations

Informatica PowerCenter: enterprise-grade migration from multiple sources

StarfishETL: safe switching between CRMs and ERPs

There is still a lot of work for data engineers



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