Car Rental Reservation System: Modules, Providers, and Implementation Models

Car Rental Reservation System modules

Car rental process using a Car Rental Reservation System

Car rental booking engine

  • delivers reservation details to the fleet management module,
  • enters customer details in the Customer Relationship Management module,
  • notifies the Task Management module so that agents can prepare the car on time, and
  • sends the customer a confirmation of their reservation.

Fleet management

A full picture of the key features of the Fleet Management Software
Electronic car records show what damage has occurred and when, Source: Camasys
Fleet chart, Source: Carhire

Car rental agents’ task management

A dashboard for managing day-to-day tasks, Source: Camasys

Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction survey at Hertz

Car rental reservation solutions for the existing systems

Integration with suppliers

Expedia’s car rental Iframe with a block of code for integration

Subsidiaries management

Car Rental Reservation Software Providers

  • fleet size,
  • the technical skill of your staff and the level of complexity they can deal with,
  • key features and integrations you need, and
  • your budget limits.
Four leading Car Rental Reservation Systems compared

HQ Rental Software

Five steps of the booking process with HQ Rental
Reservation management with the HQ Rental app
  • vehicles,
  • rates and invoices,
  • add-ons,
  • maintenance,
  • customer relationship tools, and
  • a third-party sales agents portal.


  • control of each asset with the built-in AutoCheck sensors: from the amount of fuel consumed to indications of aggressive driving behavior and speeding;
  • document templates for generating contracts and invoices;
  • a feedback system for clients to give reviews and rate the service;
  • contactless vehicle activation from a customer’s personal account;
  • detailed analytics and statistics, i.e., the software generates a profitability analysis, provides secure bookkeeping and gives accurate forecasts to optimize daily operations.
RentSyst’s statistics dashboard

MyRent by Dogma Systems

  • vehicle check-out /check-in management,
  • digital signature from the tablet for fast and simple rental contracts, and
  • integration opportunities via the API that also allows for defining price strategy with third parties.
Digital signature process with MyRent

Carhire Manager Web by Datalogic

  • a Customer Self-Service Portal to view vehicle availability in real-time,
  • the Reservations Timeline to track the status of the vehicle due for maintenance, for delivery or pick-up, or currently on the road, and
  • the estimation of the influx of bookings to prepare for future demands.

When to develop a custom solution



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