Partnership and Affiliate Programs: Extranet, Pulse App, BookingSuite, Demand API, and Connectivity APIs

  • OTAs and destination websites,
  • hotel channel managers,
  • property owners, and
  • affiliates like travel bloggers and media outlets.

Demand API for booking websites

Hotel Booking Systems
The Demand API flow of searching for available property: from the input parameters through the filtering parameters to the search results — the property brochure displayed either on the affiliate site or on the platform
The Demand API flow of returning bookable rooms at a property: from the input parameters through the filtering parameters to the reservation processing either on the affiliate site or on the platform
Sample of the deal tagging request using the Demand API
  • excessing the number of connections within one minute,
  • using property content in price comparison,
  • forwarding data from the Demand API to non-affiliates,
  • changing property description, prices,
  • downloading or tampering with property images, and
  • displaying outdated content

Connectivity APIs for channel managers and property management IT providers

  • being PCI (payment card industry) and PII (personally identifiable information) compliant;
  • having a cloud-based or central server-based software;
  • managing price, availability, reservations, and property content;
  • updating and confirming reservations in real-time; and
  • bringing in a minimum number of properties that differ among the market segments and geographical regions.

Partner Hub: solutions for property owners commission calculator
Property types that can be listed on Extranet: property management dashboard Extranet dashboard
8 booking journey steps and 7 drop-off points aka opportunities by
An example of a cancelation characteristics report
The overall reservations report compared to the results of a competitive set
Factors influencing rate plans
Mobile price badge on if searched from a mobile device statistics of revenue and bookings after joining Genius program Pulse App: mobile platform for quick reactions

Pulse app

You can’t live by alone calendar
  1. two-way connection: the provider processes both Rates & Availability and Reservations.
  2. one-way connection: the provider processes Reservations only, while you still manage Rates & Availability via Extranet or vice versa.

BookingSuite: development tools for small hospitality websites

BookingButton: booking engine for direct reservations

“Book Now” button on social media redirects users to the booking engine
BookingButton activity statistics

WebDirect: property website templates

A website created using WebDirect

RateIntelligence: rate optimization tool

RateIntelligence scores your rates depending on the average rates and market demand

The BookingSuite’s App Store: a library of relevant hospitality applications Affiliate Partner Program

  • banners,
  • map widgets to find the accommodation around a specific area,
  • search boxes: regular and with added images of popular locations, and
  • deals finders with discounted properties deals finder, search box, and banner vs Expedia: who to partner with



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