Augmented Reality Check: Get Ready to Ditch Your Smartphone for Goggles

Combiners: optical devices behind AR

  • How is the device going to look? Is it going to be a bulky helmet or will they eventually be mistaken for regular glasses?
  • What’s the field of view (FOV) going to be? What’s the width and height of the image we can get compared to our natural field of view?
  • Is the graphical image going to be sharp enough? We don’t want to see the pixels.
  • Will accommodation be available? Will we be able to focus on different graphical objects that are mapped to physical reality at different distances, as we do with the real objects?

We need glasses

Field of view (FOV)

  • The form
  • The type of combiner


  1. Yes, we really need 6600-pixels per-eye displays
  2. The possible combination of waveguide and pinlight technologies in one device from Microsoft –described in the previous section — would discriminate against our eye movement. We still would have to look in the middle of our FOV to get the best picture.


Environment mapping

So, what do we have?



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