Atlanta Tech Startup Accelerators: Techstars Atlanta, EO Accelerator, Atlanta Ventures Studio, and More

  • Some accelerators take no fees and are totally no-cost.
  • Others take a fixed price for a set period.
  • The third option is taking a startup’s equity.

Ideation and pre-seed tech startups accelerators

Atlanta Ventures Studio

Example of an ROI calculator provided for free

Goodie Impact Pre-Accelerator

  • Impact Co-founder matching — At this stage, industry experts present indications on public challenges, prospect technical and nontechnical candidates meet and discuss establishing teams and apply to the program.
  • Ideation — This is a two-part design thinking lab where startups identify particular problems, conduct Customer Discovery, and outline features for their tech product.
  • Hackathon for developers — In this 48-hour round hackathon, volunteering programmers enter the startups to transform their prototypes into operating solutions.
  • Skill development — In this part, entrepreneurs and experts improve their skills through a series of workshops and mentorship activities by the Pre-Accelerator’s partners.
  • Marketing + Prototyping — During this 48-hour hackathon, UI/UX designers, digital marketers, web designers, and graphic designers enter the startups to convert their ideas into prototypes, logos, and landing pages. They also develop and adopt a plan to draw their first round of users.
  • Founders gatherings — These are a series of small group meetings for entrepreneurs to identify, discuss, and banish their anxieties and fears.

Ascend Atlanta

Ascend Atlanta programs
  • Tech Startups Program boosts early-stage and growing entrepreneurs from finding a product-market fit to helping them grow their revenue and generate new jobs. The program includes All Microbusiness programming, Pre-Accelerator exercises, and access to mentorship activities in Residence Network.
  • Microbusinesses Program is aimed at the Southside of Atlanta micro-business community to scale their capacity, strategy, and revenue. The program covers monthly sessions on inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment ecosystem exploration.
  • Small-to-Midsize Businesses Program is intended for established enterprises scaling their revenues and size. It offers all Tech Startup programming, the Market Acceleration Program, and personal access to mentors, corporations, and funds.

Founder Institute

Founder Institute overview
  • Orientation includes introduction to the cohort and the learning methodology.
  • Vision helps outline a sustainable business view.
  • Customer development phase addresses customer feedback.
  • Revenue module supports estimating a revenue model.
  • Branding and design stage presents feedback on the branding.
  • Mentor Idea Review lets you assess the core business on a mentor panel.
  • Legal and IP stage gives insights into the legal infrastructure.
  • Go-to-Market and Scale is where you get to refine your strategy to launch or scale.
  • Product Development stage gives feedback on the product roadmap.
  • Mentor Progress Review lets you verify your progress on a mentor panel.
  • Hiring & Onboarding stages address the issues of hiring and nurturing talent.
  • Growth phase deals with the company in relation to growth.
  • Equity & Funding addresses the challenges inhibiting fundraising.
  • Showcase lets you celebrate and pitch to a live audience.
Post Core Program resources

Growth and seed startups accelerators

Atlanta’s International Startup Accelerator

  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Data & Connectivity
  • Financial Services & FinTech
  • Hardware & Software
  • Advanced Industry & Manufacturing
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Bootcamp offers day-long workshops in different non-US locations. The seminars cover the basics of the US market, including business development and marketing, fundraising, taxes, accounting, legal environment, immigration, HR activities, and others. Information on the next program levels is also provided.
  • Academy is a two-week program. It enables entrepreneurs to join mentoring events and hear from industry experts. At this stage, startups are also encouraged to network and pitch to potential investors. Depending on the progress during the Academy, startups may proceed to become ISAAC Residents. The decision on Residency is made by ISAAC judges.
  • Residency is ISAAC’s essential program. It allows the promising and progressing international startups to enroll in the US market during a comprehensive 3- to 9-month program. During the initial 3-month stage, Residents join a training course to qualify their Startups for an expansion in the US market. Upon finishing it, participants can apply for an additional 6-month mentoring stage. In addition to numerous networking events, the program submits a relevant in-market time to recognize the company’s business plans. When completing this phase, the graduating companies are ready to tackle the US market.

EO Accelerator

  • Strategy — Entrepreneurs get the basics on how to recognize their customers, develop a clear brand vision, develop the primary goal, and convert it into consistently increasing revenue.
  • People — The program teaches how to recognize the right talents for a company and grow their commitment to common goals.
  • Execution — The accelerator provides approaches on how to set objectives and achieve them by accomplishing day-by-day exercises. The so-called execution habit greatly contributes to successfully accomplishing a fundamental goal.
  • Money — Participants recognize how to track their expenses and match them with the profit they obtained from it.

Techstars Atlanta

  • Network building is about finding three to five mentors ready to assist with product development, market fit, and to give worthy insights for fast company growth.
  • Market traction encourages teams to collaborate with mentors and reach the next one of the established goals.
  • Business acceleration enables determining the fundraising strategy and prepare to meet with investors. This stage also educates how to transmit a vision to prospective investors.
  • Demo day provides a means of exhibiting company progress made in three months.
  • Techstars for Life is a postgraduate stage with such networking events as Techstars BizDev Days, Techstars Investor Days, Techstars FounderCon, as well as regular mentorship, monthly alumni events, and access to valuable resources.

The Farm

  • Founding — Participants get insights on their target customers and market and establish their financial modeling and funding strategies. Also, they recognize how to match a vision and mission with branding, marketing, and fundraising activities.
  • Strategy — The program allows entrepreneurs to work with assumption validations and outline and sharpen the strategy differentiation. Also, participants can establish and improve their branding and storytelling to attract more investors and customers.
  • Team — This program is intended to connect participants with the appropriate mentors from accelerator networks as well as unite them with alumni networks. The accelerator also provides insight on legal and financial matters, branding, and venture capital.

Accelerators vs Incubators



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