This is a guest article by Gilad David Maayan from AgileSEO

Endpoint security is rapidly evolving. Organizations have transitioned from simple antivirus software to full endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) that provide well-rounded, preventive security capabilities for endpoints to endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions that complement EPP by adding the ability to actively respond to endpoint security breaches.

Today, all these technologies are eclipsed by a new paradigm called XDR or extended detection and response. How is XDR different from EPP and EDR? Will it replace or complement them? Learn more in this quick guide to endpoint security technologies.

What are EPP, EDR, and XDR?

Endpoint protection platform (EPP)

The healthcare industry is accustomed to innovation. Interoperability, data analytics, precision medicine — technologies that innovate and maintain the quality of care are being celebrated every day. They are all great, but what do you do when a patient simply doesn’t follow up with a visit? How can you help when people fail to take their medication? And how can you be sure that they are willing to go the proposed treatment route when they don’t seem to fully understand the risks and consequences?

Even the most inventive therapy and highly acclaimed doctors don’t work in a vacuum. A patient’s…

From simple mechanisms for holding data like punch cards and paper tapes to real-time data processing systems like Hadoop, data storage systems have come a long way to become what they are now. For over 30 years, data warehouses have been a rich business-insights source. Is it still so? With all the transformations in the sphere of cloud and information technologies, it may seem as if data warehousing has lost its relevance. Quite the opposite. Though there are countless options for storing, analyzing, and indexing data, data warehouses have remained relevant.

When reviewing BI tools, we described several data warehouse…

“If you got it, a truck brought it to you. Food, clothing, medicine, fuel for homes and industry. The day our trucks stop America stops.”
Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa. The Irishman.

Just imagine, if all the trucks in the US could be piled up — they would reach the moon, claims Target Transportation. How about more numbers: according to research, the market size of the truckload industry is over $193 billion with almost 616,700 businesses in the US providing trucking services. Trucks move around 11.84 billion tons of freight per year, about 72.5 …

This is a guest article by Alex Williams from Hosting Data

Otherwise referred to as Non-SQL or Not-Only-SQL, NoSQL is essentially any sort of database that doesn’t use relational database structure. Of course, that doesn’t mean — despite a common misconception — that NoSQL can’t handle relational data. In fact, not only can it deal with relational data just fine, but in some cases may even be superior to SQL.

Mostly the reason for this ease of use is because, with NoSQL databases, the data doesn’t need to be split into different tables. …

This is a guest article by marketing researcher Monica Mendoza

Financial crime remains a looming threat to American companies in the banking and finance sector. Each year, as technology advances, so do the methods of money laundering networks and the malicious agents that carry out these illicit schemes. The burden naturally falls on companies to protect their assets-and their customers-by bolstering their current anti-money laundering infrastructure and protocols. Foremost among these is the deployment of new anti-money laundering software, otherwise known as AML solutions.

But there’s a lot of new technology available on the market, and decision-makers from financial institutions…

This is a guest article by Gabe Nelson from Semaphore CI

There are a lot of things that go into creating a functional Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline. In order for the automated processes to work properly, a long chain of successful events has to take place. Unfortunately, it’s fairly likely that you will experience at least a few common issues when attempting to set up and work with a CI/CD pipeline.

The list of common issues is actually quite long. This has to do with how complex a CI/CD pipeline can be. There are a lot of things that…

The coronavirus pandemic has given a huge boost to eCommerce. In 2020, US online sales showed a year-over-year growth rate of 32.4 percent, more than doubling 2019 results. And this trend won’t go away. Most experts agree, that even when COVID-19 is controlled, Internet shopping will continue to increase — though not at such an incredible speed.

People get accustomed to the conveniences of buying things from home: Three out of four Americans want their online orders to be brought right to their doorsteps. This places additional pressure on logistics and especially on its final stage — last mile delivery.

What is last mile delivery?

Although carriers can work directly with shippers, they rarely do. Finding customers devours lots of time and money and is especially hard on start-ups. As for shippers, they don’t want to worry about choosing a carrier that meets their budget and time constraints, verifying its reliability, and staying in touch until goods reach the receiver. Both sides prefer to leverage a freight broker as an intermediary.

In this article, we’ll talk about the specifics of the freight brokerage business and detail the software that helps brokers effectively manage freight, invoice shippers, and pay carriers.

Freight brokerage operations and challenges

Within the supply chain, a freight…

This is a guest article by Inna Shevchenko from iGMS

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to reassess how they approach their daily operations. The vacation rental industry, in particular, was hit hard by the crisis. Airbnb alone reported a net loss of almost $700 million on revenue of $2.5 billion. As a result, more and more hosts are searching for tools to help reduce expenditure and ways to scale quickly.

Vacation rental software is one such tool that can help hosts and property managers recover from the financial impact and, ultimately, grow their rental business. …

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