This is a guest article by Margo Sakova, Marketing Manager at Gepard

In this data- and consumer-driven world, dealing with every bit of product information can become a company’s worst nightmare. That’s when your business needs to launch PIM — product information management software that serves as a single repository to gather, manage, and expand product information and integrates with other data sources and eCommerce channels.

PIM, as a central hub for all your product content, helps to increase product data quality, improve your team’s communication process, drive more sales, elevate customer experience, and significantly boost your ROI.

Now you…

There is nothing particularly unlucky about the number 13. Unless you meet it in the article that discloses that “only 13 percent of data science projects… make it into production.” This sounds really ominous — especially, for companies heavily investing in data-driven transformations.

The bright side is that no initiative is initially doomed to fail. New approaches arise to speed up the transformation of raw data into useful insights. Similar to how DevOps once reshaped the software development landscape, another evolving methodology, DataOps, is currently changing Big Data analytics — and for the better.

What is DataOps: a brief introduction

DataOps is a relatively new methodology…

Managing a supply chain involves organizing and controlling numerous processes. Supply chain practitioners and CEOs surveyed by 6 River share that the main challenges of the industry are

  • keeping up with rapidly changing customer demand,
  • dealing with delays and disruptions,
  • inefficient planning,
  • lack of automation,
  • rising costs (of transportation, labor, etc.),
  • diversity of sales channels, and
  • complex structure resulting in siloed data and lack of visibility.

These challenges can be addressed by intelligent management supported by data analytics and business intelligence (BI) that allow for getting insights from available data and making data-informed decisions to support company development.

So, in…

This is a guest article by Gabriela Molina from DistantJob

A report by WSJ tells the story of a data breach on Capital One’s server hosted on AWS (a cloud platform). The hacker broke through the bank’s firewall and stole the financial data of more than 100 million customers. The company remained unaware of this breach until months later when a good Samaritan pointed them in the direction of a GitHub repository where the hacker had deposited their data.

What ensued was a public scandal referred to as one of the biggest data breaches in the 21st Century. This is…

This is a guest article by Ashwini Dave from Acquire

If we had to draw parallels between your product’s design and a human characteristic, we’d probably go with “ body language.” With today’s emphasis on personalization, your users expect to use products that can predict their needs and offer customized solutions. They also want the webpage to “wow” them, surprise them, delight them, you name it.

In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say your product’s user experience (UX) lays the foundation for happy, satisfied customers and optimized results. Let’s look at what the data tells us.

Long story…

No matter the size of a business, correctly assume some recurring processes keep it functioning. For the most part, these processes are high-volume repetitive tasks done manually. Think of back office operations such as order processing, request confirmation, approvals, and document fulfillment. Or front office tasks like answering phone calls, text messages, processing claims, and so on.

While this work is vital to keep a business running, mundane tasks are the slowest part of the overall workflow. In other words, it’s a bottleneck that causes money loss and hinders productivity. …

In peak season, even the simplest front desk chores can snowball, especially if managed manually. However, there are still hotels that rely on pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to assign rooms, maintain booking records, register guests, invoice them, and address their complaints.

By equipping staff with centralized, automated technology to handle a multitude of tasks, hoteliers can boost receptionists’ efficiency and, as a result, cut labor costs and improve guest satisfaction. Some hotels go even further and implement self-service check-in and facial recognition features. Still, welcoming guests from behind the counter remains the most traditional of interaction at hotels…

As data becomes the driving force of the modern world, pretty much everyone has stumbled upon such terms as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and data mining at some point. But what exactly do these terms mean? What differences and relationships exist between them?

The listed terms while all interconnected can’t be used interchangeably. Whether you’re a specialist interested in data-driven research, a business owner eager to make the most out of modern technology, or just someone who wants to be more tech-savvy, this article will help you understand not only what studies and expertise help extract…

If your medicine chest is chock full of prescriptions, welcome to the club. According to the National Center of Health Statistics, one in five Americans between the ages of 40 and 79 took at least five drugs in the past 30 days.

As the number of pills used in parallel grows, so does the probability of dangerous drug interactions. To eliminate the risk of side effects caused by medication combos, hospitals and pharmacies should be equipped with robust drug interaction checkers.

This article explore APIs that enable health facilities to quickly integrate drug checking functionality into their existing systems. …

It happens every time travelers book a flight. No matter whether they eventually buy tickets and board a plane or cancel the reservation and stay home, the deed is done. Data on them has been collected and saved in the form of a passenger name record or PNR.

Introduced to facilitate the exchange of booking information between airlines, PNRs have become an important component of the travel industry. They act as booking confirmation, a repository of valuable commercial information, and even a weapon against global terrorism.

This article describes the important technical and legal aspects of PNR creation and usage…

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