7 Things You Can Do Now to Make Your eCommerce Business More Accessible

What is web accessibility?

Why web accessibility is important for eCommerce websites

Best practices to make your eCommerce website accessible

Explanatory link text

Prioritize text clarity

Don’t rely exclusively on color

Errors with box outlined in red and no other visual or non-visual cues to explain error
Outline the errors and use explanation in text

Order content in HTML for screen readers

Enable keyboard navigation for web design

Use a 44×44 px. clickable area for touch controls

Good vs bad clickable area

Offer extended audio descriptions with video content

Check out this video by Ai-Media to see an example of audio descriptions

Use real shopper feedback

Create an accessibility guide

Allow browsing from a broader range of devices

Benefits of accessibility for eCommerce websites

Increase overall user experience

Improve search engine discoverability

Increased traffic to your website

Helps to avoid accessibility lawsuits

The future of website accessibility for eCommerce



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